About Jeep Club Romania


Jeep Club Romania 
Philosophy, Objectives, Membership and Targets


1.      Club’s Philosophy – Promoting Jeep® as World Known Brand among Romanian fans and Jeep Owners.

2.      Jeep Club Romania’s Main Objectives & Targets:

- Developing the Jeep® spirit by attracting the enthusiasts and organizing events, expeditions and competitions together.

- Providing support for developing the off-road driving abilities of Club Jeep Romania participants.

- Organizing humanitarian, ecological and assistance campaigns in case of natural disasters.

- Developing and maintaining a data base for Jeep Club Romania members and other enthusiasts, in order to facilitate the exchange of experience and to obtain new information about their cars and the upgrade possibilities.

-  Providing the technical support required for Jeep Club Romania Members, by concluding partnerships with Jeep representative offices in Romania, as well as with a series of spare parts and service providers.

Joining Jeep Club Romania

1.      Any Jeep® Enthusiast or Jeep® Fan can become Member of Jeep Club Romania, without any limitation to the right as Jeep® owner/ownership.

2.      After joining the Jeep Club Romania, each Member shall receive the following:
  • A Jeep Club Romania membership card, which will be able to be used with Jeep Club Romania Partners for the acquisition of products and services;
  • Stickers with the membership number and Jeep Club Romania logos, as well as other advertising materials, as appropriate.
  • The right to actively take part in reunions of Jeep Club Romania and in the decision-making process for Club’s development;
  • The right to take part in events organized by Jeep Club Romania, as well as by other affiliated Clubs, with low tariffs or free of charge (as appropriate).
  • Annual bonuses for the activity carried out as Jeep Club Romania Member.
3. Membership fee of Jeep Club Romania:
  • The membership fee is annual and can be paid in full or divided into two installments:
  1. - in full at the registration as Club Member by filling in the Membership Form;
  2. - ½ until February 3rd 2012 (for the year 2012) and the remaining 50% until May 4th 2012;
  • The membership fee is EUR 100, payable in RON at published the National Bank of Romania exchange rate of payment date.
Beneficiary: Asociatia Jeep Club Romania

IBAN Account: RO29 BTRL 0450 1205 A151 96XX

Bank: Banca Transilvania - Ag. Dorobanti, Bucuresti

4. In order to become a Jeep Club Romania Member, it’s required that:
  • You register on the Club’s Website, by filling in the “Membership Registration” Form (the form filled in shall be submitted to: club@clubjeepromania.ro” or by Fax: 004-;
  • You can also register on the Club’s Forum “JEEP Forum”, by filling in the registration form and choosing a user nick-name.

Jeep Club Romania Membership Card

  • Validity term of the Membership Card is 1 (one) year, until February 1st 2013 (for cards issued in 2012);
  • In case of replacement of the Card lost, the issue cost of a new Card is EUR 10;
  • The Card may NOT be transferred to another person;
  • Issuance of a new card for the next year shall be Free of Charge and shall be performed after paying the Membership fee for the following year.

Jeep Club Romania Events

  • Jeep Club Romania Events combine both the standard Jeep cars and the upgraded ones. There is no limitation of the participants’ number and the events can be combined on several categories of cars.
  • Participation fees for Jeep Club Romania events shall be communicated at least 1 (one) month before the event.
  • Organizers within Jeep Club Romania can invite teams with other Non-Jeep cars or teams from other Clubs.
  • Jeep Club Romania Members can organize local events such as Jeep Club Adventure with compliance of the Jeep Club Romania conduct and Statute, provided that the proposal for organizing such an event is in compliance with the Event Calendar of Jeep Club Romania and that the event is announced on the official website at least 2 weeks in advance.

Jeep® is registred trademark of Chrysler LLC.